MSD investment testament to our thriving biopharma hub

BioPharmaChem Ireland, the Ibec group that represents business in the biopharmaceutical and chemical sector, said the announcement of MSD to create 350 new jobs in Ireland bolsters the country’s status as a thriving hub for the Biopharmaceutical sector.

Director of BioPharmaChem Ireland Matt Moran said: “The biopharma industry in Ireland champions innovation, with over 30,000 talented people working within the industry in Ireland, delivering ground-breaking solutions to patients both here and globally. The announcement from MSD to create 350 new jobs in Dublin demonstrates their position at the heart of the corporation’s new products, and the cutting edge of biopharmaceutical innovation.

“It is the mission of the industry in Ireland to continue to support discovery and innovation in the manufacturing of life-changing medicines, and to remain the global location of choice for the development and manufacture of biopharmaceuticals. Ireland's Life Sciences sector employs 60,000 people directly and indirectly, and in the last 10 years the industry has invested 10 billion euro in new facilities in Ireland.”

Ibec CEO Danny McCoy added: “Ireland is home to the top 10 global biopharma companies and biopharma is now the largest exporting sector from Ireland. This has not happened by chance but is due to the business model Ireland has developed over decades that is capable of both attracting and retaining multinational investment. We welcome the announcement today by MSD’s of its expansion plans as further evidence of the well-being of the biopharma industry and positive outlook for the sector in Ireland.”

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