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The biopharma, pharma and chemical sector association of Ibec. Representing our multinational and indigenous members, we ensure Ireland remains the global centre of excellence for innovation and development. The sector is a strong contributor to the Irish economy. Recent capital investment of over €3 billion from global biotech companies has cemented Ireland as a leading location for the development and manufacture of biopharmaceuticals

Job Opportunities
Find out about the incredible job opportunities in world leading biopharmachem companies.

Working Groups
Join our Working groups to share knowledge on key industry issues in a structured and efficient way working towards common goals

Potential for Growth
Business News

Matt Moran, Director at BioPharmachem Ireland, speaks about the expansion of opportunities within the biopharmachem sector, and how both industry and academics can take advantage. "Most of the investment taking place now is in biotech, which would currently be the cutting edge of pharmaceutical manufacturing. So, we are very much in expansionary mode.”

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Biopharma Sector
Overview and Strategy

The international research-based pharmaceutical and chemical industry in Ireland is a crucial hub of economic activity. Our strategy for the biopharmaceutical industry in Ireland is outlined in 'Molecules Make a Difference' along with an overview of the industry as it stands in 2016

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Industry News
News, Public Affairs, Events

Learn more about BioPharmaChem Ireland, review the recent news and activities from our members in our latest newsletter, read recent press releases and media updates and view our full calendar of upcoming events.

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Upcoming Events
19/06/2017Brexit: challenges with solutions briefing, Dublin
27/06/2017Brexit: challenges with solutions briefing, Cork
08/09/2017Q3 ICDA meeting
19/09/2017BPCI OpEx Q3 Working Group Meeting

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